Mt. Batolusong Budget Climb for Beginners – Travel Itinerary and Guides

Mt. Batolusong is located in Tanay and is situated at the southern tailend of the longest mountain range here in the Philippines, the Sierra Madre. This is a good place to explore for people looking for a budget climb since it’s proximity from Manila is just that convenient. It is a minor climb rating 3/9 in terms of difficulty level taking only at least 3-4 hours to get to the summit. The trail class is 1-3 which mostly consists of grassland slopes and it is perfect for beginners.
We are overnighters and we like trekking and camping at night just so we could put our tents in place and cook something for dinner after a long night’s trek. It is advisable to climb on an almost empty stomach as having a full tummy would slow you down or even worse, make you nauseous and vomit.

Things to bring

  • Water at least 2.5 liters
  • Flashlight/headlamp a must have for night trekkers
  • Packed lunch/dinner
  • Trail food and breakfast
  • Cap/visor
  • Spoon and fork
  • Lunch box
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Tent and sleeping bag/blanket/jacket
  • Optional: cooking stuffs like mini stove, butane and mini casserole


  • There is a water source 30-45 minutes from jump off
  • Bring sunscreen for day hikers
  • There is NO cellular network which is a good break from the tech world

It is a grassland slope consisting of tall grass and taller grass and bamboos. 

The good thing about grassland slopes: the trail is not exhausting as it is not all that steep which gives you time to relax while trekking. The camp site is a nice slope, not rocky and also the grass can give you extra cushion. The weather is also cool so the heat won’t slow you down.

The not so good thing about grassland slopes: At night, the wind is slightly unforgiving so make sure your tents are strongly and properly placed. The cold breeze is pretty chilling and you will need to wrap yourself up in a blanket when you sleep. If you are ultra thin the wind may blow you away so add in some weight before climbing or pack a heavy bag (just kidding, but what are the odds?).


We took the traverse trail for us to be able to go to Kay Ibon falls to prep up for lunch before heading home. Well, it is sort of a mini waterfall, not what you would have expected but it will suffice for those who really need a quick dip just for the kicks of it or to just freshen up after a sweaty and muddy climb. If you want a serious bath though, the Barangay is generous enough to have the visitors use their bathroom. There is only one available for public use and you will need to queue up if you really want to be squeaky clean when you get back to Manila.

The summit


Major jumpoff: Brgy. San Andres, Tanay Rizal

LLA: 645 MASL/ 780 MASL

Days required/ Hours to destination: 1 Day/1.5 hr (Mapatag Campsite)

Specs: Minor climb

Difficulty: 3/9

Trail class: 1-3

Day 1
1700 – ETD at Cubao to Antipolo City (Cogeo Gate 2)

1830 – Take jeepney to Brgy. Sampaloc

2030 – Arrival at “Batangas”; take habal- habal/jeepney to Brgy. San Andres.

2100 – ETA Brgy. San Andres; courtesy call to local officials/ get guides

2115 – Start trek

2300 – Arrival at Duhatan Ridge

Day 2

0015 – Arrival at Mapatay Plateau (645m)

0200 – Lights off

0530 – Wake up call

0630 – Breakfast

0800 – Break camp

0830 – Start descent

1000 – Arrival at Kay-ibon falls

1100 – Early Lunch

1200 – Proceed to Sitio Kay-ibon- Marcos Highway

1230 – Arrival at Highway; end of trek/ tidy up

1300 – Wait for return jeepney

1430 – Back at Antipolo City. Take jeepney/bus back to Manila.

1600 – ETA Cubao


From Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2 – P25.00 by jeep P35.00 via FX

From Cogeo to Sampaloc – P40.00

Habal Habal to San Andres – P50.00

Registration Fee – P20.00

Guide Fee – P1,250.00 for day hike and P1,700.00 for overnight

The ratio is 1 guide per 8 hikers

Packed lunch/snacks – P100.00 but it depends on your group

Habal Habal to Sitio Batangasan – P50.00

Sitio Batangasan to Cogeo – P40.00

Cogeo to Cubao – P25.00


3 responses to “Mt. Batolusong Budget Climb for Beginners – Travel Itinerary and Guides

  1. How did you get a guide for the mt batolusong hike. I have never done mountain climbing before but have always wanted to try it even just once. I am 64 years old but still kinda active. Do you think this is a good hike for a beginner? I probably will go solo since all of my friends (young ones) that mt hike are very advance climbers so I would really need a good guide.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! The Guide will be mandatory before you climb Mt. Batolusong. The locals will direct you to the registration wherein you can hire a Guide. It is a good hire for beginners since the trail is simple and is not too steep but of course there are some parts where it can be difficult. We actually brought the mom of our friend (56 years old) along with our climb to Mt. Batolusong. It’s her first hike and she’s not really into physical activities but we’re proud she made it to the peak! 😊


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