Quick trip: San Rafael River Adventure

Glass house, anyone? Just another cool place to go without having to look so far. San Rafael River Adventure is located in Bulacan and an hour or two away from Manila. This is a sweet retreat from the busy streets of the city.  

From the name you will have a clue on what to expect: River adventure! There are some fun activities to do here like paddleboarding, kayaking and jetski. The river is not like the rapids so don’t expect the extreme. Fun fact: the place was a former quarry site and most natives we have encountered there are way more familiar with that rather than the actual resort. The place is somewhat hard to find as it is far from the outskirts of Bulacan.  

 Careful now. The river is so deep that Adele may come rolling in. If you are like me who can’t swim or even stay afloat, they have this nice pool just a few meters from the front porch of your glass house.  

Here are some other photos from San Rafael River Adventure.   





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