Sundowners Vacation Villas Travel Guide – Travel Spots in Pangasinan 

A touch of Santorini is always a good idea when it comes to summer getaways. Sundowners Vacation Villas is a quick alternative for those who just can’t wait to have the Santorini feels without having to spend too much money or travel great lenghts. With its white and blue painted villas, infinity pool with the view of the beach, and located literally at the edge of the island and its isolation from other resorts, the place is definitely worth a position in your long list of go-to destinations this summer.

It is a 5-6 hours of travel time to get to this precious find in the outskirts of Pangasinan. As above mentioned, it is literally located at the island’s edge and isolated from most resorts from Pangasinan which is super nice as it is not teeming with people but it is a bit harder to find.

Sundowners is growing more in popularity now; thanks to their official Facebook page that showcases the beauty of the place. They are almost always fully booked so we didn’t get the chance to book one of their Lofts which has a mini infinity pool with the ocean view just outside the doors.

 (Photo grabbed from their offical Facebook page)

They also have the Master Villa where yes you will have your own private infinity pool and a nice hammock for your siestas.

We booked our villa 2 months in advance as there are no available schedules on a closer date which is an indicator that people love the place. We will come back to try out the other villas.

The Pool Area


They have 2 main pools, a kiddie and a regular pool which is kind of average when it comes to size, but the ocean view overcompensates for that. The depth of the pool goes from a casual walk in the park into an actual sinkhole so beware especially if you can’t swim. They have a dive board which is 12 feet high where people can dive in and go YOLO. If you’re like me who enjoys walking your way in the pool, in other words “can’t swim or stay afloat”, you might not appreciate it that much as there is very little area for you to stroll into. Though they have floaters available for use.

The Villas are fairly spacious and the staffs are very well trained for customer satisfaction. They only have a mini bar which serves hard and soft drinks and they do not have a restaurant so you will have to bring your own food. No worries, as their villa’s kitchen are well equiped with everything you will need to prep up a meal: stoves, pans, plates, utensils, rice cooker, grill, and caserole.

If you ever feel like you AC is having problems cooling down the room, the cool Manager will give you a lecture on ACs and body temperatures. We call him Mateo as he is Italian looking and he gives the girls the giggles.
A place is as romantic as you make it to be and Sundowners will not let you down in that department. I will admit that we are always on the look out for pre-nup locations and this is a qualifier.


There are more villas upcoming and under construction and we’re excited to see how this place grows.

Some Side Trips Pangasinan

We had some quick trips around before leaving and here are some of them.

The Lighthouse of Bolinao

Well it is a light house but the inside is rarely open for people to get up to. Depends if the coast guard is present.

They also have some old ruined houses from the 1960’s.

They also have open beaches in Patar but well it is overcrowded.

The Enchanted Cave which we opt to not to dare enter as the entrance fee is scary at 150. We figured there are lots of people coming in and out and that spending more money is not an option if the place is surrounded with a sea of people.

Isdaan of Tarlac
Floating restaurants for everyone. They have a variety of fancy restaurants that will satisfy your tummy and serenade your heart with the singing servers.

Ever want to just break things and not get into trouble for it? Here goes Tacsiyapo!

Pangasinan is a worthy place to visit with a variety of places to venture into. Will surely come back for more and try out other tourist destinations.


9 responses to “Sundowners Vacation Villas Travel Guide – Travel Spots in Pangasinan 

    • Hi! For now they do not have a restaurant inside and within close proximity to the resort. We’re crossing our fingers that they will have one available soon. But no worries as their villas have pantries that have everything you will need to prepare a meal and all you will have to bring are the ingredients. You will pass through some local markets on your way there and you can fetch the items you need.


      • Oh that’s great! Very informative! 👏🏻 Will definitely add this place to our travel goals! Thanks a lot!


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