Sitio De Amor Farm Resort – Staycation Location for Couples in Laguna

I don’t know about you but when I hear people say Laguna, I always think of hot springs and private pools. But if you look closely, there are far more beautiful places to explore in Laguna. Sitio De Amor is one of the lesser known destinations in the south but is definitely worth paying a visit for a weekend getaway being it close to Manila. The travel time is just at least 2 to 3 hours which is somewhat comparable from your travel from work to home with all the heavy traffic in the city. It is a farm resort and yes it is covered in greens which only means that you have to be prepared of the following:

1. Breathing in deeply would not make you cough as the air is super clean.

2. Peace and quiet. All the noises you will hear is from mother nature herself. The silence is a bit spooky especially at night or maybe we’re just used to all the city noise. Siesta fiesta.

3. Farm fresh foods. Nothing better than enjoying good food that is good for you.

The reception/main dining area looks like a wedding reception with the fine traditional furnitures and white cloth hanging from the ceiling. 

There are different cottages within close proximity where you can sit and relax.

The villas are named after fruits and we got the Avocado which is good for 2. The selection of traditional design of everything is what defines the whole place. Like it has been separated from the modern world and got stuck in a limbo in the 1970s which is nice. An ongoing trend with farm resorts are they don’t have television inside the rooms and it’s not a bad thing at all like when the zombie apocalypse is happening and you won’t have a single clue about it kind of thing.

The pool has an overlooking view of more…trees and the temperature is just so right. The earth element is still present with the pool side’s wooden floor and the wooden chair pulled straight out of The Choice movie but painted red. There is also a mini cottage beside the pool where you can have a break and edit your photos for instagram.

They also have a lagoon in which the water comes straight from the mountain nearby. The water looks greenish but up close it is really clear and you can actually take a dip in it but it is like 3 feet deep.

The accommodation comes with a free full breakfast meal and the sweetened rice cake is just superb. 

We sure are loving farms because it is our idea of a perfect weekend getaway. Accessible – the means of getting to the location would not be a hassle and time consuming. Privacy – in today’s time, it is such a luxury to have privacy. The silence is really comforting. Affordable – vacations should come in very reasonable prices and would not make you homeless after the trip.

How to go there:

By bus, take the Jac/Jam liner in Cubao going to Lucena. Sitio De Amor is beside the Uno Gasoline station along the highway. 

Address: Km 88.5, Maharlika Highway,Brgy San Vicente,San Pablo City.

For inquiries you may contact Magda at 09052941132.


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