Stilts Calatagan Resort: Travel Blog Review

Batangas is definitely a go-to place for people who want to bask under the sun in a white sand beach without the hassle of long travel and multiple transfers.

Located in Playa Calatagan Village, the Stilts Beach Resort is one of the many awesome destinations that offers a wide array of options to guarantee a vacation of fun and adventures. For the beach bums, adventure junkies, and casual travellers who want to have a real good time, there are various activities to choose from and for an affordable rates. Below are some of the activities:
Stand-up Paddle Board

Single/Double Kayak

Banana Boat

Pedal Boat


All Terrain Vehicles

As previously mentioned, it is a white sand beach with an abundance of little shells. The sea is not ideal for swimming as the shallow end of it is just 2-3 feet due to low tide and you can practically walk your way to the middle.

For those who want to swim deep, they have this beautiful great pool for you.

For the accommodation, Stilts feature different choices for people depending on their preferences. Disclaimer: they do not have televisions in their rooms and you will luckily be forced to enjoy nature itself. Unless you want to watch TV by the beach.
Waking up with a beautiful beach scenery or breathing in the salty air elixir from the sea?

Beach Cottages are perfect for you as they are located at the Destiny Beach front and are traditionally nature inspired made out of nipa.

They are available for overnight stay and is good for 2 persons, buffet breakfast included.

For day tours, they also have the open cottages available for rent.

Ever wanted to stay in a house situated literally above the sea?

Say no more as Floating Cottages got you covered!

It is like living in a small island with all the convenience of a regular house. These cottages are best for small to big groups of people as they come in different sizes.

Looking for a camping experience that fits your style or feeling a bit adventurous and deviating from the usual? Good thing Stilts also offer Glamping accommodations by the Harmony Beach.

This package includes tent rentals, soft pillows and mattresses, fans, and bonding with mother nature.

Admit it, you once wanted a tree house for yourself as a hideout or maybe have a little feel of how Tarzan lives like.

Serenitree is basically a really cool tree house at the Serenity Beach area which have scattered wind chimes around the places.

When the wind blows, the soft melody plays its tune, hence the name of the place.

The price of the accommodations ranges from 5,000 to 17,000 pesos.
Stilts have a generous amount of inspirational and positive messages dispersed around the place that will give you the smiles and the unexplained sentimental feeling.

Even the names of the places and cottages are based on positive emotions.

Overnight stays in cottages include a breakfast buffet and you can say the price is really worth it. Aside from the beauty of the place and number of activities, Stilts serve a plentiful of delectable choices for your breakfast buffet.

They also serve lunch and dinner and most of the food are already good for 2 persons because of their large servings with generous ingredients.

What we liked best about the resort is its people. They are very accommodating, nice, and their quality of service is way beyond satisfactory.

Once you check out, they will hand you over a journal of all the customer feedbacks from previous visitors and you will have to put your feedback as well. Since we like to stick our noses on a lot of things, we read some messages and all of them are praises on how good is the place.
Stilts is such an awesome weekend getaway especially for the holidays. We wished we could have stayed longer and we will surely be back soon and recommend this to our families and friends.
How to get there:
Public Transportation

– Take a bus bound for Calatagan, Batangas from Pasay City (near MRT Edsa Station). The travel is approximately 3-4 hours depending on traffic. Alight from Calatagan Town Proper and take a long tricycle going to Stilts Beach Resort (Brgy. Bagong Silang).

The place is pretty far from public transportation and it is more convenient to go on private car going through SLEX Sta. Rosa exit and Waze will be your guide from there.


8 responses to “Stilts Calatagan Resort: Travel Blog Review

    • Hi Sab! If you are going camping at Stilts, the overnight per person is 770 pesos and you may bring your own tent. If you want to rent a tent, please see below:

      Small – 1,500 good for 3 pax
      Medium – 2,500 good for 4-6pax
      Large – 3,800 good for 8 pax

      Thanks! 😊


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