Legoland Malaysia Travel Guide from Singapore

If you are going to Singapore and wanting to make a quick side trip to another foreign land, Malaysia has got you covered with its well-known accessible attraction just across the causeway of Singapore, the Legoland Theme Park and Resort in Johor Bahru. For many travelers going to Singapore, Johor Bahru in Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations listed in their itineraries because of its proximity and the experience of having a glimpse of Malaysia.

Legoland is Malaysia’s first ever international theme park with over 70 total attractions for families and children. Basically, it is a land of legos and for those people of all ages who love legos, this will be your wonderland. Everywhere you look; there are decorations and life size figures made completely out of the cute little building blocks stacked together to create a masterpiece. All of the attractions as well are made or inspired by legos of course. One of the things that really caught our attention is the gallery of the replicas of the famous destinations in different countries all carefully constructed with legos with close attention to every detail.

Most of the attractions of Legoland are made mostly for kids, with some having a workshop for building and learning more about legos. Having said that, if you are neither a child nor a lego fan like us, you might not be able to make the most out of the theme park and this is the reason why we didn’t explore it that much.

They also have lego stores for people who may be trying to find some rare piece or just to get souvenir or gifts. The currency in Malaysia is Ringgit (MYR) and fortunately, the park accepts Singaporean Dollar notes (SGD) as payment but they will give you MYR as change. It is recommended to have your SGD converted to MYR prior to visiting the park as the park’s currency conversion is relatively lower than of the market.

They are open from 10:00AM to 7:30PM and if want to spend a night or two at Legoland, they also have a hotel and resort wherein you may choose to check in.

How to go to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore:

We actually took a tour package at WTS Travel located at the Singapore Flyer Park for 80SGD per person. This is inclusive of roundtrip Coach transportation and theme park ticket. The travel time is at least 45 minutes excluding immigration queuing, but there may be long lines in the immigration depending on the season and the total travel time may take up to 2 hours tops. If you are planning to get the package, make sure to be at the WTS Travel ticket office on or before 8:30AM as their first trip starts at 8:30AM. You may avail of their package online or directly on site before your travel.

For a DIY itinerary from Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to save some penny (the Legoland day tour ticket is 156 MYR or 50 SGD), they have bus and taxi services across Singapore.

Via Bus:

Singapore to CIQ 2nd link – from Jurong East Bus Interchange take Causeway Link Bus CW3 and CW4.

CIQ 2nd link to Legoland Malaysia – Take Causeway Link Bus JPO2 to Legoland.

Via Taxi:

If you prefer a faster and more convenient way of going to Johor Bahru, they have Cross Border Taxi Services available at Ban San Street Taxi Stand for 40SGD per trip or 10SGD per person and available 24 hours a day.


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