The Newest Food Place in Valenzuela City – Arca Yard

The newest food yard in Valenzuela City – the Arca Yard. This is no ordinary food place as they are open during lunch time and starts at 12 noon except on Mondays (They open at 4PM because we all hate Monday). 

They have a variety of good food to choose from that will surely satisfy your cravings. 

The place is pretty neat and spacey. One cool thing is that the place is entirely covered under a single roof and they have a humongous ceiling fan to fight the heat – more like a dome so it’s comfy even with the summer heat. They also have live music at night! For those who are looking into having a chill evening hangout place, they also have a bar with all the good drinks beings served.

Arca Yard is very accessible to the general public as it is located just along McArthur highway and is in close proximity to public transportation, shopping malls, NLEX, and Valenzuela Town Center. They also offer a wide parking space for their guests.

There are not a lot of food parks in Valenzuela and Arca Yard is a must try especially for those who just loves to hangout with their family and friends over some good food and great place. 


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