Island for Rent: Sundang Island in Laguna

Yes, you read that right. You can actually rent a whole island all to yourself and bring your friends in. Sundang Island is a 4 – 5 hour travel time from Manila to Barangay Lumot in Laguna. 

If you’re tired of all the usual summer getaways teeming with people, you can have all the privacy you want here and spend it with family or friends or your partner. 

The island is how you make it to be; if you prefer peace and quiet, you can have a perfect afternoon picnic under the cool shade of the trees and read a good book on a hammock afterwards. 

You can have a bonfire to light up the night and have a good time with friends with marshmallows on stick.

 Pass time with the in-house available card and board games as well as some good reads.

Plus, our favorite – Polka and Ghanima, the island guardian dogs who are so adorable and a bit clingy.

If you’re going as a couple like us, the place is really a Nicholas Sparks book/movie feels.

It is surrounded by the Lumot Lake and a few more neighboring islands in the area. You can go swimming, but it is a lake, the bottom is a bit muddy and the water is not that clear but is definitely naturally clean. Don’t go too far though as there are no lifeguards available. You can go fishing, just bring your own rod and bait (they have Tilapia fish – fishing rod rental is at 150/day).

Well, also technically the island is not totally all to yourself since they have Tony – the caretaker as your amazing island companion. Though, Tony is a caretaker and he is not responsible for your food and cleaning up after you. This is not a hotel so you will have to bring and cook your own food which makes it a bit exciting. Choosing what you will have for dinner, lunch, and breakfast is always a fun activity to have. The island has some vegetables grown and available, but check with Tony first if they are available. They have everything you will need in the kitchen – stove, utensils, kitchenwares etc. 

You just have to bring in the ingredients. They also have coolers for your ice storage. Set up your dining experience where ever you like in the island with the tables, mats, and chairs already provided.

Since you are basically in an island of your own, electricity is scarce. No worries because there is a generator available that operates between 6PM to 12MN. You may choose to extend the time for power at 100 pesos per hour but you will need to inform them beforehand. There are rechargeable fans and make sure to plug them in while the power is still up. Though, the weather in the island is quite cool and fans at night may not be necessary.
The check in time is at 2PM and checkout at 11AM. The rate is at 3,800 per night for 2 persons. For reservations, you may reach out to them through AirBnb.
How to get to Sundang Island:
1. Take HM Transport bus from Cubao to Sta. Cruz Laguna. Have the driver drop you off at the town proper – 141 pesos fare 3-4 hours travel time

2. Take a tricycle ride going to Palengke/Lumot Jeep Terminal – you can grab your food to be cooked from their market

3. Ride the jeepney going to Lumot for 45 minutes to 1 hour and alight at Lumot Barangay Outpost. Make sure to communicate constantly with Tony prior to your arrival. Tony will meet you there.

4. Tony will be the boatman to take you to Sundang Island – 10 minutes


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