Staycation Location: Casa Amara in Batangas

Located at the island’s edge in San Juan Batangas, Casa Amara is a great find for the laid back adventurers forever searching for a place to relax with stunning ocean views.

Approximately 4-5 hours of travel with usual traffic from Manila, Casa Amara sits comfortably isolated from the crowd of resorts in Batangas. We booked reservation through Airbnb and the prices ranges from 7,000 to  45,00 depending on the number of group. The room that we got is the Family Room and it may have the best view of the whole place from the veranda with overlooking view of everything.

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The rooms have a kitchen complete with the utensils, cooking stuff and a common grill area outside to top it all off.

With this said, everyone is encouraged to bring their own food to prepare during their stay with a corkage fee of 100 pesos per person. On your way to Casa Amara, you will pass through San Juan Wet Market and fetch all the ingredients for the perfect family/barkada chibog experience.

For those who want to avoid the hassle of preparing their own food and spending a lot of time cooking and cleaning up, the place has an in-house restaurant that serves lunch, snack, dinner, and breakfast package for P1,000 per person and also a buffet for 1,500 per person. The dining area is like being in a beautiful wedding reception with its overall designs and feel.

However, this is not a regular restaurant that you can order food whenever you confuse any other feeling to being hungry. You will need to inform them if you are to avail their dining package ahead of time.

The Place

Casa Amara has a single infinity pool with the amazing view of the the sea. The place is relatively not that big in comparison to the usual resorts but it is never short of anything but beautiful. The white and blue color theme of the place is soothing to the eyes and the interior designs are astonishingly elegant.

If you want to visit the sea and go snorkeling, it is a 5-10 minute walk downhill to get there and the rental for the gears is at 250 pesos (snorkeling shoes and goggles).

Note: No network reception in the area. WiFi was down during our stay. There is also an Ecological fee of 20 pesos upon entering San Juan.

How to get there:

Source: Casa Amara Batangas


For 4 person

Accommodation ( Family room) – 7,500 for 4 pax

Food- 1,000

Toll fee-  268.00 (Manila- Batangas)

268.00 (Batangas- Manila)

Ecological fee – 20.00/ pax


16 responses to “Staycation Location: Casa Amara in Batangas

  1. Hi,just want to ask how much is the entrance fee and cottages? If you can give me a breakdown for the expenses that will be awesome,thank you in advance.


  2. Hi, is there anyone I can talk to get a reservation? Is there any phone number I contact or please PM me on FB. Very interested. Thanks so much!


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