These Sand Dunes are actually in Vietnam! 1 Day in Mui Ne Province Travel Itinerary

If you would want to stray away from the usual itineraries in Ho Chi Minh City and have a different Vietnam experience, you can go on an amazing trip to the Mui Ne Province.
Travel Time: 5-6 hours by sleeper bus or 4 hours by train.
The bus will go straight to the Mui Ne town proper and will most likely pass by near your hotel. The price for one way ticket is at $12 but may vary depending on the bus company.
If you’re going by train like we did, it is not practical but the travel is comfortable. You need to take a bus (35,000VND) or taxi (taxi is really expensive 300,000 – 450,000VND) to the Mui Ne proper from Phan Thiet Station.

The train only has schedule in the morning. Bus is more practical as they have trips during the night and early morning and will not eat up your precious time.

We booked an Airbnb house (Mui Ne Connect) which is 15 minutes away from the Red Sand Dunes and 10 minutes from Mui Ne Market by foot.

The host has 2 bicycles available that you can use to go around town.

To register for a new Airbnb account and get P1,100 discount on your first booking worth P3,500 and above, click here.

We availed of the Mui Ne tour for 180,000VND per person as the locations are not of close proximity to each other. The tour was arranged by our Airbnb host – Thuan of Mui Ne Connect. You will ride a jeep to get to the destinations and there are a maximum of 7 tourists on it and they have tours in the morning and afternoon.
First on our list is the Fairy Stream.

We did not expect to walk barefooted along the stream above the soft sand. It sure is a very different experience and the place is magical with red sand and white rock formations.

The Fishing Village

Go see the local fishermen and women of Mui Ne with their colorful boats.

Next up, the White Sand Dunes.

You can go for an exhilarating ride on an ATV in this fine white sand for 200,000VND per person and also slide your way down like a boss. Perfect for adrenaline junkies!

Last is the Red Sand Dunes.

Well, it is basically the red version of the sand dunes and it is equally as awesome!
The trip to Mui Ne was really worth it and a must visit when you go to Vietnam.


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