Lifestyle – Travel, Fashion, and Food Blog by Faye Briñas and Aaron Francisco. 

A couple based in Manila, Philippines, this blog was born in 2016 in an effort to inspire people to live their lives pursuing their dreams. They are both working normal jobs with hopes to break the excrutiating routine and all of this started with a simple question of “What can we do to make our lives better?”. This blog also aims to share knowledge and somewhat build a community of individuals seeking to identify their passion in life. A start up blog with over 50 thousand social media followers, it has been recognized as the Best Travel Blog and Guide by the Golden Globe Annual Awards for business. The dream is to represent people with similar passion and dreams.


Travel Guides and Itineraries from their first hand experience as usual but striving travelers. The goal is to find the best way to spend vacation days that will be worthy of every penny. Travel Photography is in practice to showcase beautiful places that will take people on a journey just by looking at the photographs.


They believe that everyone should travel in style. The perfect location deserves an equally amazing OOTD. Fashion is indeed a statement and it highlights their unique taste and style.


Who doesn’t like to eat?! With a wide variety of food places to choose from, it is a challenge to find the best of the best to satisfy the picky taste buds.

This blog is a documentation of the lives of Faye and Aaron as a couple. 

For collabs/partnership, you may reach us through:

Email – pennyworthtravels@gmail.con

Phone – 09278180583/09993263424


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